Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crispy Beef Chilli

INGREDIENTS: (for marinating)
1.     beef ½ kg (cut into long thin strips)
2.     salt ½ tsp
3.     white pepper powder ½ tsp
4.     egg 1
5.     corn flour 2 Tbsp
6.     chilli powder ½ tsp
7.     sesame seed (white til)1 tsp
8.     oil 2Tbsp
·   first cut and clean beef and marinate with above ingredients for 10 minutes

INGREDIENTS: (for batter)
1.     flour (maida) 4 Tbsp
2.     corn flour 3Tbsp
3.     baking powder ¼ tsp
4.     egg 1 oil
5.     oil 1 Tbsp
6.      Cold water as required
·    in a bowl add all above ingredients add make a smooth semi thick paste with cold water

·    then to that add marinated beef

·    in a kadai heat oil for deep frying

·    and fry the beef in medium heat till golden brown

·    fry beef little at a time and keep aside
INGREDIENTS (for gravy)
1.     garlic crushed 1Tbsp
2.     chilli garlic sauce 1Tbsp
3.     chiili sauce 1 tsp
4.     Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp
5.     Spring onion 1 string chopped
6.     Onion 1 small cubed
7.     Capsicum half cubed
8.     Coriander leaves few chopped
9.     Oil 2Tbsp
·   In a kadai add oil then add crushed garlic, onion cube, capsicum cube mix well

·   Then add chilli garlic sauce,chilli sause,Worcestershire sauce mix well

·   Then add  fried beef  ,spring onion and coriander leaves

·   Serve hot with Chinese rice

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  1. Tempting n yummy beef fry...

    I tried the hara bara aalo the same day itself, going to post in my blog today


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