Monday, June 25, 2012

                        Mango Cake Pudding


1.  Fresh cream or whipping cream 1 and ½ cup(300ml)
2.  Sugar 3 Tbsp
3.  Mango puree(pulp)1 cup
4.  Gelatin(unflavored) 1 Tbsp dissolved in 4 Tbsp water
5.  Sugar syrup 1 cup (to make syrup boil 1 cup water add 4 Tbsp sugar boil for 2 minutes and keep aside and let it cool completely)
6.  Slice cake (vanilla flavour)10 pieces
7.  Mango chopped 1 cup (cut into small cubes) for garnish

· Whip the cream with electric beater  till fluffy and thick

· Then add sugar and whip for another 1 minutes and keep aside

· Dissolve 1Tbsp gelatin in 4Tbsp water and add to 1 cup of mango puree(pulp) mix well

· To that add whipping cream and mix well
·  In a serving dish place 5 slice cake

·  Pour sugar syrup to each cake
·  Spread half mango mixture

·  Then again place 5  slice cake

·   Pour sugar syrup to each cake
·   Spread other half mango mixture on top and spread evenly

·   Garnish with some chopped fresh mango

·   Refrigerate for 3 hour,then cut and serve chill

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