Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chinese Rice

1.  Rice 2 cups (washed and drain water)
2.  Oil or ghee 2 Tbsp
3.  Coconut milk (thick ) 2 cups
4.  Chicken stock 2 cups (can use magi or knorr chicken cubes to make the stock)
5.   Salt to taste
·   In a non stick deep bottom vessel add ghee , coconut milk ,chicken stock and salt

·   When its starts boiling add rice cover and cook in medium low heat till rice is cooked completely

·   After rice is cooked open the lid and keep aside
1.  Chicken  250 gm
2.  Ginger , garlic and green chilli paste 3 Tbsp
3.  Carrot ½ cup (cut into long 1 inch slice)
4.  Beans ½ cup (cut into long 1 inch slice)
5.  Capsicum ½ cup (cut into long 1 inch slice)
6.  Spring onion 1 string (finely chopped)
7.  Soya sauce 4 Tbsp
8.   Black pepper powder ½ tsp
9.   Salt to taste
10. Oil 4 Tbsp
·   In a pressure cooker add chicken ,ginger,galic and green chilli paste salt and some water and cook for 10 minutes or till 3 to 4 whistle

·   Let it cool and separate the chicken from bones and keep aside (can used the chicken stock for the rice )

·   In a non stick vessel add oil and fry carrot for 3 minutes

·   Then add beans and fry for 5 minutes

·   Then add capsicum and fry till all the veg is soft add salt

·   Then add chicken fry for few minutes

·   Then add chopped spring onion and 1 Tbsp of soya sauce mix well

·   Switch of the gas and sprinkle some pepper powder and keep aside

·    Next  in a deep bottom vessel combine rice ,veg mixture and soya sauce all together

·    Cover add heat further in low flame for 5 minutes

·   Serve hot with chicken Manchurian or chicken chilli

  • be ready with coconut milk,chicken stock and boiled chicken then its very quick to make


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