Monday, March 19, 2012

Oreo Chocolate Pudding

1.  Krack jack biscuits 3pack
2.  Milk 2 cups
3.  Custard powder 3 Tbsp dissolve in little milk
4.  Cocoa powder 2 Tbsp dissolve in 4 Tbsp warm milk (make a smooth paste)
5.  Sugar 4 Tbsp (can use more if you want)
6.  Coffee liquid (for that take ½ cup water when its stats boiling add 2 tsp coffee powder mix till dissolve and let it cool)
7.  Oreo biscuits 4 (chocolate flavour) for garnish
·    First make the custard ,for that in a vessel add milk when the milk starts boiling add sugar and  custard mixture keep on stirring while adding custard

·    When its starts thickening add cocoa mixture mix well (see that it doesn’t form lambs)

·    Keep aside and let it cool

·    Then dip the biscuit one by one in coffee liquid and place in serving dish, use 1 pack for first layer then pour some chocolate custard mixture, then again dip the biscuits and place on top of the chocolate mixture. Complete the 3 layers

·    Last crush the Oreo biscuits and sprinkle all over the pudding

·   Chill for 3 to 4 hour

  • if you want can use grated chocolate for garnish
  • if you dont like chocolate flovour then dont use cocoa powder mixture just make the plain custurd


  1. wooow yummmy..will try soon..

  2. just made this pudding and its looking awsome.


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