Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Heart Puffs

1.     Puff pastry  (I use Sunbulah –puff pastry)
2.     Sugar ½ cup

·        STEP1 –roll the puff pastry. it should be ½ inch thick

·        STEP2 – sprinkle sugar all over the puff pastry and press it with fingures (both sides)

·        STEP 3 –Fold both the side to the center (as shown in the photo)

·        STEP4 – again fold to other end (as shown in the photo)

·        STEP5 – cut the puff pastry (as shown in photo)

·        STEP 6 – pre heat the oven and bake for 200c for 15 minute or till light brown(please keep an eye on the oven)


  1. good one shabnam..i tried it and the heart came out good.easy and quick.

  2. here v must use 1 pastry sheet or more than 1??


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