Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mini Seera

When guests come we always feel that to make something which impress the guest. I really like to do that. So to this simple seera I made it colourful seera. It looks really attractive and tasty to eat also. So let’s see the ingredients

For yellow colour seera

  1. semolina ( suji or rava ) ¼ cup
  2. sugar  4 tbsp
  3. ghee  1 tbsp
  4. water  2/3 cup
  5. yellow colour a pinch
  6. nuts finally chopped of your choice
For red colour seera, same like the yellow seera but instead of yellow colour use red colour

·         In a non stick kadai add ghee, water, sugar and red colour mix well till sugar dissolve.
·         When the water starts bubbling add semolina slowly without lamps.
·         Keep on stirring continuously till water absorbs.
·         Let it cool.
·         Again make the red colour seera let it cool. (Both the colour seera make separately).

How to place seera in mini muffin tray:
·         First fill the yellow colour seera into the muffin tray (as show in photo).
·         Spread the finely chopped nuts.
·         Then at the top fill red colour seera (as show in photo).
·         Keep in room temperature for at least 1 hour
·         Then turn down wards the muffin tray and with the pointed knife flap down in to the plate.

And serve it…I am sure your guess will really be impressed.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

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  1. i tried this today and its really good..yummy


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