Monday, September 24, 2012

Pineapple upside down Pudding

MAKES : 12 pieces
1.  Whipping Cream 2 cup or 400 gm
2.   Sugar ½ cup powdered
3.  Vanilla or pineapple essence ½ tsp (optional)
4.  Orange juice ½ cup
5.  Nice biscuit 16
6.  Fresh pineapple chopped ½ cup
7.  Roasted nuts 3 Tbsp
·    First whip the cream till thick and fluffy
·    When the cream starts whipping add sugar and essence
·    In a plate first place the 8 biscuits ,dip in orange juice and place has shown in photo

·   On the top of the biscuit spread thick layer of whipping cream, spread evenly

·   On the top of cream sprinkle  some pineapple pieces

·   Again spread some whipping cream

·   On  the top again place the dip biscuit( in orange juice)

·   Last cover the whole pudding with whipping cream neatly ,like a cake

·  Decorate with pineapple pieces  and roasted nuts

·  And chill for at least for 6 hours
·   Instead of pineapple can use strawberry

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