Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dates Stuff Shahi Tukada


1.   Milk 2 cups or ½ liter
2.   Bread 2 (cut the edges)
3.   Dates 4 (seeds removed)
4.   Pista chopped 1 Tbsp
5.   Cashew nut chopped 1Tbsp or badam chopped 1 Tbsp
6.   Cardamom powder a pinch
7.   Saffron a pinch
8.   Sugar 2 Tbsp
9.   Milk 1 Tbsp for grinding
10. Pista for garnish
·    First in a bowl add milk and boil till it reduce into half when its starts boiling add sugar and saffron and let it cool

·     Mean while in a grinder add dates,cashewnut,pista ,cardamom powder and little milk and make a smooth paste

·    Cut the edges of the bread and slightly toast the bread in a little bit of ghee

·    And cut each bread into 4 pieces (as shown in photo)

·    Spread the dates mixture in 4 pieces of bread and cover it with other 4 pieces of bread, press it (as shown in photo)

step 2

step 3
·    And keep all the bread in serving  dish and pour the milk to it and garnish with chopped pista

·    Keep in refrigerator for 2 hours and serve chill


  1. Absolutely delicious looking dessert and I love that filling.

  2. looks yummy...
    love the stuffed version :)

  3. gonna try today im sure its gonna b tasty

  4. woow good one will try it today.


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