Sunday, January 22, 2012

Custard upside down

1.     Bread 4-5 (edges cut)                                          
2.     Caramel custard 1 pack
3.     Dream whip 1 pack
4.     Cashew nuts for garnish (roasted)
5.     Sugar syrup (1/2 cup water and 5 tsp sugar)
·     In pan add water and sugar and keep on stirring till it dissolve, and let it cool

·     In a tava add ½ tsp ghee and toast the bread

·    Then place the bread in a serving dish

·     Then spread the syrup all over the bread see that all the bread coat with syrup

·    Make caramel custard as shown in the pack and pour it over the bread, let it cool then refrigerate for an hour

·    Then prepare dream whip as shown in the pack (if you want can add colour to the dream whip or keep it white)

·   Then pour over the bread mixture spread evenly and chill for 2-3 hours and then garnish with the roasted cashew nuts

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  1. yummy shabnam..will try soon

  2. i made this dessert today and is was woooow...feeling like having pastries....

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  4. Wow! Wow! Delicious looking dessert, I'm sure anyone will get flattered by this dessert.


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