Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moong Dal Tikki

Serving: makes 15 tikki


1. Moong dal 1 and ½ cup (soak for 5 hours)

2. Onion chopped 1 small

3. Mint leaves chopped 1 Tbsp

4. Coriender leaves chopped 1 Tbsp

5. Bread crumbs 2 Tbsp

6. Salt to taste

7. Oil 4Tbsp for shallow fry

8. Green chili paste 1 tsp



1. In a pressure cooker add soaked moong dal ,2 cup water and salt and cook for about 5 to 6 whistle

2. After the cooker is cooled drain off the water from dal

3. See that water is completely drained

4. Transfer the dal in a bowl add mint leaves,onion,coriander leaves, bread crumbs, salt and green chili and mix well with hand

5. If the mixture is very soft add little more bread crumbs

6. Make small tikki and if u want just keep in fridge for 10 min

7. Then in a pan add oil and place the tikki

8. And shallow fry in low heat till golden brown

9. Serve hot with  chili sauce

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