Sunday, January 8, 2012


1.     Flour (maida ) 2 and ½ cup
2.     Milk powder 3 Tbsp
3.     Salt ½ tsp
4.     Sugar (powdered) ½ cup
5.     Yeast 1 pack (11g)
6.     Water 3 Tbsp (warm water)
7.     Luke warm milk ½ cup
8.     Egg 1
·      Dissolve yeast in water and keep for 15 minutes or till it shows bubbles at the top

·      In a bowl add all ingredients no 1 to 4,then add egg, yeast and milk mix well to form dough

·      Cover the dough and keep for 1 hour, then again kick it and keep for 1 more hour

·      After that kick again the dough and divide into 2 parts

·      Roll into ½ inch thick and cut with the cutter (as shown in the photo )use maida while rolling

·      After making the donuts again cover it for 10 minutes

·      Then deep fry in medium high heat till light brown(fry 2 donuts at the time)

·        It will turn brown fast so be careful

·        Dust the donuts with powdered sugar or icing sugar

·      Feel free to ask any question (in comment box)
·      Do write your comment
·      Donuts can be store for 1 day only it will get hard for next day
·      For topping -1/2 cup castor sugar ,vanilla essence, pink colour dissolve in 2 -3 Tbsp milk and decorate with colour candy’s
·      Can make 16 donuts

showing how to cut donuts(first the circle)
then cut the inside circle


  1. great ..i will try..

  2. wooow..good one shabnam..

  3. mouth watering donuts.will try

  4. i aways want to make donuts at home...this recipe sounds great..will try soon...

  5. came out good....its yummy too.

  6. no need of dunk'n and krispy kreme now


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