Thursday, February 2, 2012

Donut Puri

Donut puri is nothing but the simple puri you make at home with maida and Atta….my mother gave me this idea of donut shape puri so that kids enjoy it with different   shape and it really worked...Usually my daughter was not that excited when I make puri..But today when I made donut shape puri she was so happy to see the shape and had really fun while having puri..So I thought to share with you all…J
1.   Maida (flour) 1 cup
2.   Atta ¼ cup
3.   Suji (semolina)1Tbsp
4.   Salt to taste
5.   Ghee 2tsp
6.   Oil for deep fry
7.   water
·     In a bowl add maida,atta suji,salt,ghee and make dough with adding sufficient water

·     Keep coved for 10 minutes

·     Divided the dough into small balls

·     I used press to make the puri you can also roll it

·     Make small puri

·     With the help of small bowl cut the middle circle

·     And deep fry the puri

·     Serve hot


  1. thts a great idea shabna!ammai is great!

  2. i made it and kids enjoyed it..:)


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