Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dates Pudding

1.     China grass ½ cup or Agar Agar (finely cut with the scissors and soak in ½ cup water)
2.     Milk 2 cups
3.     Dates ½ cup (chopped)
4.     Condensed milk ½ cup
5.     Sugar 2 Tbsp if required
6.     Water ½ cup
·        Soak the china grass  or Agar in ½ cup water for 10 minutes
·        Soak dates in 3 tbsp of milk and grind into smooth paste(use small grinder)
·        Keep china grass on heat in low flame
·        Then take deep bottom vessel  boil 2 cups of milk in medium heat
·        When it come to boiling point reduce the heat and add condensed milk and sugar and mix well
·        Then add dates paste and mix well
·        When the china grass is melt completely add to the milk mixture mix well
·        Stir for 3 -4 minutes and pour into mould
·        Refrigerate for 8 hours
·        Cut and serve chill
·        China grass or Agar is easily available in super market


  1. yummy looking it shabnam

  2. its awesome i tried was vry yummy :)....evry1 must try this


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