Sunday, June 19, 2011

Prawns Fry (dry)

1.     Prawns ½ kg (washed and deveined)
2.     Onion ½  (chopped)
3.     Tomato ½ (chopped)
4.     Red chilli powder 1Tbsp
5.     Coriander powder ½ Tbsp
6.     Turmeric powder 1tsp
7.     Fennel seeds ½ tsp (saunf)
8.     Curry leaves few
9.     Garlic 1tsp (chopped)
10.   Oil 3 -4 Tbsp
11.   Salt to taste
12.  Water ½ cup
·  In a deep sauce pan add prawns and all the above ingredients except oil
·  Keep on heat in medium flame
·  When the water starts boiling add oil
·  When all the water evaporates reduce the heat and keep for another 7 -8 minutes in low heat .you can also add more oil and keep on stiring the prawns so that it doesn't burn and also prawns should nicely coated with all the spices
·  Prawns fry is ready to eat
·        Spices you can add according to your taste


  1. made it today and its yummy i enjoyed withrice and dal.

  2. woow superb shabnam..i like that


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