Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swiss Ice-cream

Swiss ice-cream is a combination of Swiss roll and ice-cream. I was bored of same way of having ice-cream so I created this unique way of presenting Swiss roll and ice-cream.

1.     Swiss roll small(flavour of your choice)
2.     Ice-cream (flavour of your choice) 2 different flavour

STEP 1: On a bowl place the plastic wrap .you can use any size bowl (i used small glass bowl)

STEP2: On the plastic wrap place thin cut Swiss roll

STEP3: At the center spread 1 flavour ice- cream (I used mango ice cream)

STEP 4: On top of that spread other flavour ice cream. Press it (I used vanilla ice-cream)you can also use some mixed roested nuts

STEP5: cover it and keep in freezer  for at least 6 to 7 hour

STEP6: Remove it from fridge and place down wards and just wet your hand and rub on the bowl so that the bowl release easily .then take out the plastic wrap and cut serve


  1. different way of having icecream...i tried its really good...love it

  2. woow too good shabnam..i tries it out it was good even my kids and guest loved it...

  3. superb...really taste good


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