Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Made Nutty Chocolate

Everyone likes chocolate and when it is home made it is even better ... here is a simple way to make your own chocolate at home ...

·        Nuts finely  chopped (cashew nuts, pista skinless, walnuts)
·        Sugar 1tsp
·        Butter ½ tsp
·        Plain chocolate grated ( I use Hershey’s milk chocolate chips)
·        Roast the finely chopped nuts with butter and sugar
·        Let it cool and keep aside
·        For melting the chocolate take a vessel  of water keep for boiling in low flame,  top of that keep a  pan and melt the chocolate nicely
·        Then in mini muffin tray first spread some roasted nuts then pour the melted chocolate
·        Keep in refrigerator for 5 to 6 hours
·        Take  out from fridge and with pointed knife take the chocolate out

·        If you don’t have mini muffin tray you can also use mini mould  but it should be small
·        You can also melt the chocolate directly but be careful the chocolate should not burn the heat  should be very low

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